The current document represents the second task of the first Project Result “Methodological framework for energy footprint management” of the SMEnergy project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, with the aim of developing a methodology for SMEs to measure their Energy Footprint and identify actions to optimise their energy use.

The project is conducted by a consortium of five partners from four European countries: Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Cyprus. All partners have the technical expertise to achieve the project objectives and wide experience in participating in and managing national and European projects. The work presented here is organised according to the proposal.

The previous task (task 1) of this Project Result represented the introduction chapter of the methodology, this current document represents the second task: the research and development stage. This stage consists of:

  • Identification of SME’s energy-related activities, with the common ground between the sectors, and association of those activities with devices, energy sources, and target groups;
  • Identification and mapping of all items & assets related to SME’s operations that entail energy consumption;
  • Calculation of the company’s energy footprint with measurements of total energy consumption/use per source/form of energy and Energy footprint baseline/benchmark per energy source, in relation to the previous identified assets/ activities;
  • Compilation of improvement suggestions/guidelines to reduce use/consumption and/or increase energy efficiency;
  • Factors to consider when selecting improvement

This document will identify the diversity and commonalities of the sectors covered by the project to ensure the adequacy of the methodology . The baseline for the design of the methodology will be supported by a thorough research that was done in working groups, to ensure a good quality of the result and a wider perspective.

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