Energy Footprint
Management for SMEs

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Our Objectives

Project Achievements


To enable SME owners and personnel to educate themselves on Energy Footprint management, by utilizing digital modern tools and technology

Self-Rating Tool

To provide them with an easy-to-use Self-Rating (S-R) tool to guide them through the Energy Footprint management process, enhancing their resource utilization and cost effectiveness

Self-Paced Training Course

To give them access to a comprehensive and modular, self-paced Training Course, to help them get familiar with the S-R tool and start using it.

OER Platform

To arrange all the necessary resources on an online open education (OER) platform for free and easy access.

Project Results

=> PR1: Energy Footprint management methodology
=> PR2: Energy Footprint management Self-Rating tool
=> PR3: Training course
=> PR4: Open Education Resource platform (OER platform)

About SMEnergy

At its core, SMEnergy wants to provide assistance to SMEs to effectively measure their energy footprint as well as to adopt appropriate measures to decrease it. 

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